Low Density Residential Dual Frontage Development Opportunities

The City Plan provides development opportunities for ‘dual frontage’ or corner allotments within the Low-Density Residential Zone. If you meet the ‘dual frontage’ definition the development potential unlocked is limited to usually either a Dual Occupancy ( 2 units either Attached or Detached) or a two-lot subdivision.

A ‘dual frontage’ block is defined within the Gold Coast City Plan as follows:
An allotment with dual frontage, can be safely accessed from at least two roads in accordance with the Driveways and vehicular crossings code.

In simple terms to accord with the above definition and unlock this potential you must be able to demonstrate vehicle access is safe from both road frontages. There are numerous limitations and requirements for sites to comply for dual access. It is recommended to contact a Elevate Development Solutions to ensure your property can satisfy the definition of ‘dual frontage’, under the Gold Coast City Plan 2016.

Should your property meet the definition of a ‘dual frontage’ the other key factor to consider is the Residential Density requirements. The density within Low Density zoned areas of the city is usually 1 Dwelling per 400m2. This means you need to have a minimum land size of 800m2 to pursue a Dual Occupancy, or two lot subdivision application. However, Elevate Development Solutions have prepared and facilitated several approvals that exceed density requirements on Low Density Zoned properties, which creates opportunities for residents who live on a corner property that falls under 800m2 within the City that is well serviced and connected.

If you own a property that comprises the characteristics and attributes described above, an exceptional development opportunity may exist to undertake either a Dual Occupancy or two lot subdivision development application.

Should you be interested in discussing any of the information above please give EDS a call today. Alternatively, you can schedule a free consultation or e-mail info@elevateds.com.au.

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