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Wangi Power Station

Elevate provided pre-lodgement advice and attended pre-lodgement meeting at Lake Macquarie Council for the future development Wangi Power Station.The proposal is for an adaptive re-use of the existing structure and potential mixed-use development.

Wangi Power Station is a heritage-listed former coal-fired power station in New South Wales on Lake Macquarie. The power station operated between 1956 and 1986 and supplied electricity to New South Wales. The building footprint is 12,000 m2 and was once the largest power station in the state.  

Wangi Power Station is significant as a rare example in Australia of industrial architecture. The building is significant for its rarity as a modern power station designed and built with its architectural appearance, as an integral part of its landscape and environment to the forefront of its design parameters, rather than using purely technological and economic factors to dictate the design.




Wangi Wangi, City of Lake Macquarie

Project Phase:

Pre-lodgement advice

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