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The team at Elevate have expert insight and property development specific project management qualifications. Our qualifications are nationally recognised by the Australian Institute of Project Management and provide our team with project management skills unique to the property development industry.

The Elevate project management package covers management of each project stage from inception through to completion, including design, consultants and approvals.

This allows you to easily track your development budget and actual costs to give you an accurate picture of the development’s progression.

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Hiring a Property Development Project Manager

What is property development project management?

A property development project manager manages the development on behalf of the project owner.  They will appoint and/or coordinate a team of development industry professionals, such as town planners, architects, builders, surveyors, and engineers.  Property development is complex, requiring specialist knowledge of Council requirements, zoning, building codes, and other regulations.  A successful development project requires someone who not only has specialist knowledge in these areas but is also able to understand the whole picture and how various aspects of the project might impact on one another.

Hiring a property development project manager can save you time and money, help you avoid disputes, and generally take the stress out of your project.  This is particularly the case if you’re new to property development, but even seasoned property developers will rely on the expertise of a project manager to ensure their development runs smoothly.

What tasks does a property development project manager perform?

Typically, a project manager will assist the property developer to conceptualise the project, determine feasibility, get development approval, coordinate the development, and even assist with the leasing and selling of the development. 

In coordinating the development, the project manager helps the developer to clarify their goals in terms of the relationship between time, cost, and quality.  For instance, sufficient time and money can ensure a high-quality development, but where money or time are limited, this may put constraints on quality.   The job of the property development project manager is to minimise the impact of constraints on other aspects of the project.

The project manager is also responsible for quality assurance at every stage of the project.  This is particularly important, as it ensures the builder is adhering to the specifications of the building contract and that the conditions of the DA are being met.

Lastly, the project manager employs a range of people skills to manage the team that will make your project successful.  Good leadership, diplomacy, and patience are essential skills of a good property development project manager.  They’ll be required to tactfully negotiate between stakeholders to enable everyone to work together for a smooth development.

What should I look for in a property development project manager?

It’s important to seek out the services of project manager with proven experience.  They should be technically competent, have exceptional people and communication skills, and an ability to adopt a whole of project approach.  It’s also important to look for someone with an appropriate project management qualification, which may vary depending on your state or territory.

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