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Elevate has over a decade of experience in town planning on the Gold Coast

Our Gold Coast based team of expert town planners provide the most up-to-date collective intelligence on preparing all types of development applications. We provide services for all planning & development matters from development applications, strategic planning through to site acquisition and assessment. Our team are experts when it comes to the maze of planning legislation and have longstanding working relationships with the Gold Coast City Council, as well as other councils across South East Queensland.

Elevate are qualified to give professional, accurate and reliable planning, building and development advice on local planning instruments and state government legislation. 

This specifically includes:

Planning Schemes and associated Planning Instruments and Planning Codes.

Planning Legislation that dictates the laws, processes and timeframes for lodging and assessing a development application.

We coordinate all required consultants including architects, engineers, landscape architects and so on through our established connections for the start to finish of your project, bringing your vision and project to life.

Our team is qualified to prepare and manage the following development applications:

Material Change of Use applications (land use, re-zoning, residential, commercial, industrial and retail)- This includes simple development such as a proposed granny flat or duplex, to more complex development such as high rise apartments and mixed used towers or shopping centres.

Reconfiguring a Lot applications (subdivision, boundary realignment, plan of development, master planning)- Most regularly involves the creation of additional lots from a single property.

Risk smart applications – For simple applications that meet specific criteria, this is a streamlined process that can be applied for with the relevant Council authority.

Minor Change applications (request to change an existing approval)- To change an existing development approval, most typically to amend, negotiate or remove previously approved development approval conditions.

Extension of time applications (request to extend the relevant period)- To extend the currency period or validity period of a development application. This is to ensure it remains active and does not lapse.

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“We provide the best collective intelligence on all urban planning and development matters.”

Other Services

We Can Provide

  • Site Selection
  • Site Planning
  • Conceptual Planning
  • Land Analysis
  • Land Development Planning
  • Land Use Planning
  • Subdivision Planning
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Master Development Planning
  • Strategic Development Planning
  • Town Planning
  • Design Guidelines
  • Urban Design
  • Project Design
  • Urban Renewal
  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement

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