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Urban Planning Consultants You Can Trust

Streamline your property development experience with expert project management, urban planning, and development management services.

Scott and the team at Elevate Development Solutions were very knowledgeable and professional. They kept me up to date throughout the entire process. I cannot recommend them enough.


Elevate pride ourselves on identifying the challenges of your project quickly and designing strategies to address them, always working towards achieving your vision and best interests.

Elevate are experienced in both the Public and Private sectors and have a team of tactical thinkers and problem solvers that are leading experts in Town Planning, Project Management and Development Management.

We love helping mums and dads to seasoned property developers secure the highest and best use development approval for their site. We know the landscape, we know the legislation, and we understand the industry.

Due Diligence/Development Feasibility

Development Application Management

Town Planning

Project Management

Strategic Planning Advice

Preparation and Lodgement of Development Applications.

Site Selection & Acquisition

Design and Construction

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Trusted Development & Planning Experts

We provide the best collective intelligence on all property development matters.

At Elevate we seek to provide the best combined advice and intellect for small to large projects and create a better development experience tailored to the client needs.

Elevate herald strong property roots and experience and have a team of property heavy weights that are leading experts in town planning, project management and development management. 


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We collaborate with clients, stakeholders, investors, developers, builders and a provide a diverse project team, setting specific goals to ensure a successful process from design conception through to construction.


Working with us

Working with our connected team will ensure a successful project completion no matter the size.

Elevate provides an end-to-end approach for all aspects of urban planning, design and property development.

A multi-disciplinary approach to property development.

Elevates approach is to provide a one stop shop to set you up for success with ongoing management of the project from inception, feasibility, design, planning approvals, detailed design and construction.

Provide services for all developer needs- mums and dads to seasoned property professionals.

Elevate tracks and manages your projects from inception through to completion with our in-house team.

Transparency across the entire organisation.

Integrity, Communication and Professionalism.

Rich culture with young likeminded team players.

Over a decade of project experience on small to complex projects in both the public and private sector.

Established industry connections and network.

Consultancy firm based on results, value and outcomes.

Learn More About Urban Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

And how Elevate Can Help You

What does an urban planning company do?

An urban planner or town planner works to assess your development idea and plan and provides you with planning advice.  Urban planners work closely with local councils to ensure compliance with the Planning Scheme, which is the council’s rules and regulations for development.  We have a deep understanding of council’s requirements, enabling us to develop reports and strategies that will ensure the approval of your proposed development.

When do I need an urban planner?

Whenever you have a development idea, contact a reputable urban planning firm.  Regardless of whether you want to do something small, like put in a house extension, or large scale, such as a sixty-storey mixed-use apartment building, an urban planning company can quickly identify any compliance issues with the Planning Scheme.  If issues are identified, the urban planner will use their knowledge and experience to help improve your proposal’s chances of success.

How long does it take to get Council approval?

The length of the approval process depends on several factors.  The local council, the project development type, the location of the property, who examines your application, and the quality of your urban planning firm all play role in determining the approval timeframe.  While we can’t guarantee a set timeframe for approval, we do promise to be faster than our competitors.

What should I look for in an urban planner?

The best urban planning firms should meet the following criteria:

  • Be problem solvers, solution-focused, tactical thinkers and add value to your development.
  • Be able to identify and resolve issues quickly, creating outcome-based solutions to save you time and money.
  • Responsive, ethical and always have a high level of professionalism.
  • Work to their client’s vision and best interests and not their own.
  • Previous experience working with your local council.
  • Previous experience working within Local or State Government.
  • Experience in getting approval for similar development projects
  • Strong and established network of government and industry contacts and connections.

If you are unsure whether you need a town planner, then it doesn’t hurt to contact EDS and discuss your project. Book a free consultation or email us via info@elevateds.com.au.

Looking for planning, project management or property development advice.

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Elevate is a ‘one stop shop’ property consultancy that provides urban planning and project management services. Let us take the lead and remove the hassle out of your project from start to finish through our established connections and networks.

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