Araluen Avenue, Palm Beach

Elevate project render of house at Araluen Avenue, Palm Beach

Araluen Avenue, Palm Beach

Dual Occupancy
Project Type: Residential
Location: Araluen Avenue, Palm Beach
Architect: Jayson Pate Design
Project Snapshot:

This Development Application seeks City of Gold Coast approval for the issue of a Development Permit for Material Change of Use for a “Dual Occupancy”.

The proposal takes advantage of a better use of the site by the creation of a cohesively designed detached dual occupancy. The design of both dwellings adopts an approach which delivers exceptional quality of residential living accommodation, within a built form of exemplary architectural merit.

The detached nature of the development and presentation to the road frontage assists in the protection of the existing surrounding low intensity, predominantly detached dwelling character of the area. It is noted that existing Dual Occupancies are frequent throughout Twenty Fifth Avenue and the surrounding area.

The built form was designed to address the street front with the buildings each having similar architectural language to seamless fit within the typical suburban street scape. All homes feature contemporary living arrangements with an open plan kitchen and dining configuration and living areas adjacent to outdoor entertaining spaces.

Overall, the proposed development is of bespoke architectural design, adopting a form and character which ensures a high-quality living environment will be provided both within the proposed dwelling and the private outdoor spaces, whilst ensuring that the built form produces a visually appealing addition to the streetscape character.

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