Chainey Avenue, Miami

Elevate project render of house at Chainey Avenue, Miami

Chainey Avenue, Miami

Project Type: Residential
Location: Chainey Avenue, Miami
Architect: Impact Design
Project Snapshot:

The proposed development is for the establishment of a Dual occupancy (2 x attached dwellings). This proposal is for two (2) luxury homes within the heart of Miami that are an appropriate scale in the developing context. The homes provided are large liveable dwellings that cater for families and focus on maximising natural ventilation and natural light in a coastal environment.

The built form was designed to address the street front and to give the appearance of single dwelling through the architectural language of the front facade. The homes feature pedestrian and vehicle access at the ground level with both fronting Chainey Avenue. One undercover secure parking space has been provided per home with one additional parking space per home provided on the driveway. Both homes feature open plan living arrangements with kitchen, dining and living areas flowing to outdoor entertaining spaces.

The building appearance is that of coastal contemporary style, proposing a modern internal living environment that is enhanced by generous private outdoor living spaces that connect with the coastal environment.

The purpose of the medium density residential zone code is to provide for a range and mix of dwelling types including Dwelling houses and Dual Occupancy supported by Community uses and small-scale services and facilities that cater for local residents. The proposal is for a Dual Occupancy and, subject to meeting the outcomes of the zone code, is an envisaged development for the zone.

The town planning application was facilitated by the Elevate urban planning team, via the Express DA process and resulted in an approval within 20 Business Days.

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