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Low Density Residential Dual Frontage Development Opportunities

The City Plan provides development opportunities for ‘dual frontage’ or corner allotments within the Low-Density Residential Zone. If you meet the ‘dual frontage’ definition the development potential unlocked is limited to usually either a Dual Occupancy ( 2 units either Attached or Detached) or a two-lot subdivision. A ‘dual frontage’ ...
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What is a Council Show Cause Notice and What do I do?

Council may issue a Show Cause Notice or Enforcement Notice to property owner’s and/or business operator’s where a land use has been established or works completed without the necessary approvals.  The Show Cause Notice gives you an opportunity respond to Council regarding your operation and land use and submit a ...
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Common Town Planning Terms & Their Meanings

The use of specialised terms and acronyms in town planning can be confusing for those who are new to property development. We’re often asked for clarification about commonly used terms, so we’ve put together a short list to help demystify some town planning jargon. Building Approval (BA) A BA is ...
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Elevate Secures First Ever Exemption Certificate Approval Issued by City of Gold Coast Council

Elevate successfully negotiated and secured the first ever Exemption Certificate approval issued from the City of Gold Coast Council. The certificate was approved for a post-production studio on the Gold Coast. The issue of the Exemption Certificate meant that the applicant did not need to obtain development approval for the ...
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Domestic Housing Land Uses and Definitions: Secondary Dwellings, Dwelling Houses, and Dual Occupancies

What is a Secondary Dwelling? A secondary dwelling is a dwelling used in conjunction with and subordinate to a dwelling house on the same lot. Examples include structures like “granny flat” or “teenage retreat”, where the residential use of the property remains with one household. A secondary dwelling may be ...
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Subdivision or “Reconfiguration of a Lot”

Elevate helps property owners maximise and achieve the highest and best use of their property. With a thorough understanding of Council requirements from years of experience working within the local government and private practice, clients can be assured that the advice they receive comes from firsthand experience.  Elevate can advise ...
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Main Beach tower rejected by Planning and Environment Court

The Planning and Environment Court has rejected a 20- storey tower proposed on the corner of Woodroffe Avenue and Main Beach Parade. The Judge determined that although the site is in an unlimited height area the tower did not comply with the City Plan in terms of bulk, residential density, ...
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How to obtain Council Approval for a Dual Occupancy (Duplex) on the Gold Coast

Our Gold Coast based team of expert town planners have extensive experience in negotiating and preparing development applications for dual occupancies (or duplexes) on the Gold Coast. As we have both Council and private experience and are locally-based town planners, we can identify issues and constraints straight away through a ...
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New development potential for properties along light rail corridor

Do you own a property close to the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3 route? Land along the coastal fringe and light rail corridor has new development potential. Stage 3 of the light rail will deliver a 6.7 kilometre extension from Broadbeach South to Burleigh Heads, linking Helensvale to Burleigh ...
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