How to obtain Council Approval for a Dual Occupancy (Duplex) on the Gold Coast in 2024

Our Gold Coast based team of expert town planners have extensive experience in negotiating and preparing development applications for dual occupancies (or duplexes) on the Gold Coast.

As we have both Council (see Elevate’s Director, Scott Barrett’s Gold Coast City Council bio) and private experience and are locally-based town planners, we can identify issues and constraints straight away through a preliminary planning assessment. This ensures we can help you achieve your project vision and your compliance with both local government and state government requirements.

Proudly, our team has achieved a 100% Gold Coast City Council development application approval rate


What is a Dual Occupancy, also known as a Duplex?

  • A dual occupancy is made up of two dwellings (attached or detached) on a single property. It is also referred to as a duplex or terrace housing.
  • A dual occupancy in a low-density dwelling zone is acceptable when on dual frontages, or the residential density overlay map is RD1 or greater (1 dwelling per 400 square metres). This will be subject to other City Plan checks that may need a planning professional like Elevate to help with.


Render of dual occupency property in suburban street


Express Development Application (Express DA)

If you are looking to develop a property with a Dual Occupancy (2 units attached or detached) on the Gold Coast, there may be an easier way for you to get planning approval and reach construction more quickly if you meet certain requirements.

City of Gold Coast Council offers an Express Development Application (Express DA) process which is a fast-tracked development assessment process for simple, low-complexity applications. Once lodged, Express DAs are usually assessed within 10 to 15 business days.  

Several land use activities are eligible to progress through the Express DA process including a Dual Occupancy or Duplex.


Cost of an Express DA

The cost and process of an application to Council for a Duplex will vary depending on the scale and intensity of the development and the type of application is required.  Elevate offers free upfront advice and consultations to complete a preliminary planning assessment. We can then advise accordingly whether your property is suitable and manage the process for you. While we can’t guarantee a set timeframe for approval, we do promise to be faster than our competitors.

Elevate has a strong and established network of government and industry contacts and connections. We coordinate all required consultants including surveyors, architects, engineers, landscape architects and so on through our established connections for the start to finish of your project, bringing your vision and project to life. If you want to develop a property and were thinking of a duplex development, contact us now as we will identify and resolve issues quickly, creating outcome-based solutions to save you time and money. 


Successful Dual Occupancy Projects

Elevate has extensive experience on the Gold Coast in preparing and negotiating planning outcomes on behalf of a variety of developer clients. Valuably, we have extensive experience in getting approval for Dual Occupancy or Duplex developments on the Gold Coast. View a sample of our recent Duplex / Dual Occupancy Projects.


Your Next Step

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Find out how 8 years experience working within Gold Coast City Council can make a difference to your Dual Occupancy project.

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