Town Planner’s Guide to Subdivide Property on the Gold Coast

Looking to subdivide property in the Gold Coast or surrounds?

The Elevate Town Planners provide advice and services to assist property owners maximise and achieve the highest and best use of their property including property subdivision. With a thorough understanding of Council requirements from years of experience working directly within the Gold Coast City Council, other local government and private practice, our clients experience the best advice with a 100% approval rate with all types of applications.  

Elevate can advise on your subdivision potential and Council requirements including meeting development standards such as access, provision to infrastructure, and considerations of allotment sizes. We address all issues upfront to ensure that all matters specific to your property are appropriately addressed upfront to save you time and money.


Our brief property subdivision guide will point you in the right direction.


1. Understand what Property Subdivision is

Subdivision is one of the quickest ways to potentially make a profit through property. So what is subdivision and can I develop my subdivided land? 

Examples of a subdivision or reconfiguring a lot include:

  1. Subdividing one lot to make two or more lots.
  2. Rearranging the boundaries of a lot.
  3. Dividing lots into parts by agreement (community title scheme).
  4. Creating an access easement.
  5. Subdividing an existing duplex or dual occupancy to create two detached freehold dwellings. 


Subdivision is code assessable in all zones within the City Plan Part 5.6 Tables of Assessment (version 10 now in effect), provided the required lot sizes can be met. Code assessable means your development application will be assessed against all the applicable codes in the Gold Coast City Plan and is an anticipated outcome if consistent with the City Plan. If your proposed lot sizes are less that then stated minimum, then an impact assessment development application will need to be lodged. 


Elevate project render of a dual occupancy property at Tallebudgera Drive, Palm Beach. Front from street view.
Elevate subdivision project at Tallebudgera Drive, Palm Beach


2. Identify Your Zone and Minimum Lot Size requirements

Whether you can subdivide your property will be determined by your current local plan zoning and minimum lot size. To work out the minimum lot size for your subdivision you can call Elevate to: 

  1. Identify the zone your property is in.
  2. Identify if your property has any overlays which impact minimum lot size i.e., Minimum lot size overlay etc.
  3. Once we have the relevant property and planning information, we can advise on the requirements accordingly.  

Bagara devlopment plan


3. Engage a Property Subdivide Town Planning Consultant

Elevate has demonstrable experience dealing with subdivision applications and our planners always ensure that all matters specific to your property are appropriately addressed upfront to ensure Council approval. We remove the guesswork from property subdivision, taking care of everything from planning to registration.

If you’re interested in developing land on the Gold Coast, we can advise on the range of possible subdivisions, and identify those that represent highest and best use to deliver the strongest returns.


Elevate’s Gold Coast Subdivision Projects – View Portfolio


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