Gold Coast City Plan Version 10 Takes Effect

The Gold Coast is taking a significant step forward with the implementation of Gold Coast City Plan Version 10.

Effective from 4 July 2023, this updated version brings a range of amendments aimed at shaping the future of the city. Let’s explore the key changes that Gold Coast residents and stakeholders can look forward to.


Major Update 2 & 3

City Plan Version 10 introduces substantial updates to Major Update 2 and 3. These updates focus on enhancing the city’s urban planning policies, ensuring sustainable growth while preserving the region’s unique character. By aligning development strategies with community needs and environmental considerations, these amendments aim to create a balance between growth and preservation.


Major Update to City Plan Policies (Schedule 6)

In an effort to ensure clarity and consistency in the planning process, City Plan Version 10 includes a major update to the City Plan Policies, specifically Schedule 6. This amendment streamlines regulations, making it easier for residents and developers to navigate the planning system. The improved policies aim to foster a more efficient and transparent development process.


City Plan Major Amendment – Heritage Overlay Provisions

Preserving the Gold Coast’s rich heritage and cultural identity is a significant aspect of City Plan Version 10. The inclusion of the City Plan Major Amendment introduces robust heritage overlay provisions. These provisions safeguard historically significant buildings, landmarks, and sites, ensuring they are protected and celebrated for future generations.


Gold Coast City Plan version 10 aerial view of the GC
Photo credit: Gold Coast City Plan


Local Government Infrastructure Plan Amendment

Recognizing the importance of infrastructure in supporting the city’s growth, City Plan Version 10 incorporates an amendment to the Local Government Infrastructure Plan. This amendment focuses on enhancing the city’s infrastructure network to accommodate increasing demands while maintaining a high standard of service delivery. By prioritizing sustainable and resilient infrastructure, the plan aims to support the Gold Coast’s continued prosperity.


Minor and Administrative Amendment 9

In addition to the major updates, City Plan Version 10 includes a Minor and Administrative Amendment 9. This amendment addresses minor adjustments and administrative improvements to the existing plan. While these changes may seem small, they contribute to the overall effectiveness and functionality of the City Plan, ensuring it remains up to date and responsive to evolving needs.


Minor and Administrative Amendment to City Plan Policies (Schedule 6) Land Development Guidelines

To provide further clarity and guidance to developers and stakeholders, City Plan Version 10 incorporates a minor and administrative amendment to the City Plan Policies’ Land Development Guidelines, specifically Schedule 6. These refined guidelines aim to streamline the land development process, promote sustainable practices, and encourage innovation while ensuring compliance with the city’s overall vision.

The implementation of Gold Coast City Plan Version 10 marks an exciting milestone for the city’s future. With its comprehensive updates and amendments, this new plan ensures a sustainable, inclusive, and thriving Gold Coast. By balancing growth with heritage preservation, streamlining processes, and focusing on robust infrastructure, the Gold Coast is set to continue its trajectory as a world-class city while maintaining its unique charm.


Summary of Changes

Download City Plan Attachment A & B – summary of approved and disapproved items (45bkb pdf).


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