Main Beach tower rejected by Planning and Environment Court

The Planning and Environment Court has rejected a 20- storey tower proposed on the corner of Woodroffe Avenue and Main Beach Parade. The Judge determined that although the site is in an unlimited height area the tower did not comply with the City Plan in terms of bulk, residential density, and local character. 

In the Court’s judgement, Judge Richard Jones said: “The proposed development did not incorporate a form of podium and tower construction which resulted in a finding that as proposed, it would not sit comfortably within the existing streetscape and would tend to ‘crowd’ Main Beach Parade and possibly Woodroffe Avenue.”

The Court’s decision sets an important precedent that could be a catalyst for Council to reject future development applications non-compliant with the City Plan. 

The decision will also help Council ensure that all future development applications along the existing and new light rail route are better integrated with the community and site, provide enhanced public amenity, and must incorporate a high-quality design. 


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