What is a Council Show Cause Notice and What do I do?

Council may issue a Show Cause Notice or Enforcement Notice to property owner’s and/or business operator’s where a land use has been established or works completed without the necessary approvals.  The Show Cause Notice gives you an opportunity respond to Council regarding your operation and land use and submit a Town Planning application (if required) through your local council to legitimise the use. It is prudent to respond to such notices as quickly as possible to avoid enforcement proceedings where fines can be issued.


Most Common Cause of a Show Notice

The most common instances of a Show Cause Notice being issued is when businesses such as gyms or the like open from industrial zoned properties.  EDS has extensive experience in dealing with these sorts of matters and we can assist in responding to the Notice and if required prepare and lodge a development application to obtain the necessary approvals


How Elevate Town Planners Can Assist

EDS has the experience and skills to resolve any development offence through a staged approach as follows:

  • Initial assessment by a Town Planner.
  • Advise the landowner as to the most appropriate pathway forward to regularise the land use or works.
  • Prepare and lodge a development application (if required) on behalf of the landowner to the relevant Council.


What To Do Next

If you have been issued with a “Show Cause Notice” you will understandably want to resolve the issue quickly. With EDS’s expert town planning consultants on your side, you will have the best chance of obtaining council permission and protecting your business.

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