Elevate Secures First Ever Exemption Certificate Approval Issued by City of Gold Coast Council

Elevate successfully negotiated and secured the first ever Exemption Certificate approval issued from the City of Gold Coast Council. The certificate was approved for a post-production studio on the Gold Coast. The issue of the Exemption Certificate meant that the applicant did not need to obtain development approval for the premises and could commence the operation immediately without the time and expense of seeking a development approval.

What is an exemption certificate?

A development approval is not required for assessable development on premises if there is an exemption certificate for the development. For an exemption certificate to be issued the activities are temporary and the effects of development are minor and inconsequential and will have no material impacts on the area. The exemption certificate has effect for two years from the issue date, or a later day stated in the certificate.

An exemption certificate is a tool designed to deal with the inappropriate categorisation of development while more permanent measures, such as amending the categorising instrument (for example, a local planning scheme), are implemented. Exemption certificates release the owner of a property or land from the need to get approval for assessable development. They are only issued in exceptional circumstances.

For an overview of the basic Planning Act 2016 requirements applicable to Exemption Certificate Applications, call Elevate today.

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